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Jointing & Packing

Multidirectional expanded PTFE material. Excellent corrosion resistance together with superior creep resistance and sealability create a highgrade gasket material for a wide application field. The best choice for economical plant-wide use on services up to 260°C and pressures up to 200 bar.

UNISIL soft-chem possesses universal resistance against common chemicals, except melted alkali metal,fluorine at liquid and gas states. It is free from asbestos and other lung-intruding materials.UNISIL soft-chem is an asbestos free material and meets the FDA requirements, doesn't have any corrosion and is able to be stored without any time limits.And is also suitable for oxygen applications.Whatever Size, Shape or type of compressed fiber gasket you need. Uni Klinger can produce them.

Compressed Asbestos Fiber (CAF)
Klinger gasket sheets are manufactured as per IS2712:1998.Klinger high grade sheets are manufactured with 3XA features.
  • UKL has been approved by BIS to manufacture all grades of sheets with ISI Mark
  • Klinger gaskets are designed for 0.25ml/minute leak rateas against 3ml/min allowable leak rate as per DIN3535/6

Compressed Non-Asbestos Fiber (NCAF)
Uni Klinger manufactures entire range of Non Asbestos ( UNISIL ) gasket sheets.All grades of UNISIL are manufactured with 3 X A features.

Expanded PTFE Sheets
UNISIL soft-chem possesses universal resistance against common chemicals, except melted alkali metal,fluorine at liquid and gas states. It is free from asbestos and other lung-intruding materials.
  • 100% Pure P.T.F.E.
  • Good sealability
  • Good flexibility
  • Highly compressible
  • Resistant to creep and cold flow
  • Easy to cut and install
  • Low compressive load to seal

Graphite sheet
Due to excellent Chemical and thermal capabilities of Graphite it is used extensively throughout the Petrochemical and Chemical industries for process duties and Steam application.It is a good solution for higher temperature and pressure application where Non Asbestos Gaskets are to be used.



Pumps Division

For all your requirements of fluid supply to processing plants, we have introduced special Pumps Division. These pumps are specially developed and engineered for several industries applications like chemical process plants, railway engineering, automotive engineering, power and environmental engineering, paper industry, plastics processing machinery, test rigs, presses and simulation systems. All these pumps are integrated with advanced technique for high load bearing ability and excellent efficiency. The material of construction for these pumps is selected wisely to sustain highly corrosive environment in industries. We have in stock different types of pumps, with unique technology for specific processing applications. With their simple designs, these are easy in installation and require less maintenance.

  • End Suction Pump
  • Monobloc Pump
  • Split Case Pump
  • Multistage Pump
  • Submersible Pump
  • Sump Pump
  • Special & Engineered Pump



Level Instruments

Level Instruments present an effective and reliable solution for monitoring liquid level in vessels, as to check if it is not crossing the permissible limit. All our instruments work on the principle of refraction of light. These instruments comprises of glass tubes through which the light travels and refracts, with which the level is measures. Supplied in the form of complete assembly with isolation drain cocks and vent valves, these instruments are also provided with safety ball check arrangement to keep a check on the breakage of glass. Other than this, original toughened borosilicate klinger glasses and gaskets are used in these instruments. There used different colors in the instruments for indication of level.

Reflex Gauge
Works on the principle of Total Internal Refraction of light through the Reflex glass having grooves giving clear Black and white indication of the level in the vessel. For Steam at 40 bar saturated temp, and other media 40 bar 400 Deg C.

Transparent type
Using Transparent glasses, two in numbers, giving a level indication in the form of rising and falling meniscus. This often requires the use of Illuminators to view the level.Steam at 40 bar.85bar and 120Bar saturated temp. Other media 400 deg C.

Bicolor type
A variation of the transparent type, wherein the incident light is made to pass through a wedge shaped centerpiece, to separate the light. The same is viewed through filters to see Green and Red light for Steam and Condensate.Steam: 180 Bar Saturated Temp.The level gauges can be provided with accessories like double arm lever, Illuminators, Scales, and Non Frosting Blocks. Inclined type as well as Direct Weld-On type.
C-C of 3000mm.Other C-Cs with mounting support can also be provided.


Steam Engineering Product

Today, the use of steam in processing plants is increasing. Suitable for use in low pressure as well as high pressure applications, Steam Engineering Products have wide applications in several industries such as power, oil and gas. These products are engineered for discharging condensate and trapping steam. There are also products for distributing steam to various points of processing plant. Other than processing plants, these products have wide usage in supplying steam for heating water, process media and process liquors. All these products are designed for sustaining high level of pressure and temperature for continuous performance. We have different types of products for steam distribution, meeting the requirements of diverse industrial applications.

  • Steam Traps : The most innovative of the bimetallic steam traps is the bi-thermostatic steam trap of balanced pressure that incorporates two antagonistic [Opposing] thermostats.
  • Trap Modules : It is cumbersome, occupies more space and involves a number of joints, piping components, Welding.
  • Intelligent Trap Valve Station : The function of any Steam Trap is to discharge Condensate and Trap Steam.
  • Manifolds : Steam distribution manifolds facilitate the distribution of steam to various user points.
  • Pipeline Accessories : The most common application is flow indication. The Sight Glass is fitted in the pipeline to indicate if the fluid is flowing correctly in the line.
  • Pressure Reducing Station : Steam should be distributed at high pressure as it has low volume and impacts the inventory and its cost.
  • Heat Recovery Products : Steam Injectors are used for heating Water, Feed water, Process media, process liquors etc by direct injection of steam into the media.
  • Bitherm : Leakage of costly fluids has been a major cause of concern to all industries.
  • Hot Water Generation System : UNIKLINGER, in keeping with the Innovative Methods to help Process Industry achieve higher levels of operational efficiency have - UKL PACKAGE HOT WATER SYSTEM.

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Energy Audit

We have gained wide experience and knowledge of thermal circuits in this industry and now it is the time to spread this. We offer our in-depth knowledge to many industries for studying and analyzing existing steam and condensate network in a plant. Conducted for achieving the prime goal of energy saving, this type of energy audit is conducted based on some predefined and specific charges. Industries who want to save energy in their applications can opt for this unique service of energy auditing and enjoy measurable benefits recurring year after year. Our audit and study is not only limited to steam and its generation, distribution, utilization and condensate recovery.

  • For achieving energy optimization, comprehensive study of thermal circuits of process plants is conducted
  • Done with complementary products and process knowledge
  • Use of modern equipment

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